Seductive celestia by 44696573656c-d65zpvy

"M-san, I won't bite..." -SC "I've already got a mate, thanks very much!" -M-san

Seductive Celestia is a member of The Nega-Fergo Bunch. She's a very h*rny horse thant likes s*x and looking at p*rn of male ponies. She has had s*x with str*ight and bis*xual men who have gotten h*rny from seeing her. She's desperate for s*x all the time.

She's a proud M-san Bunch ally, because it consists of so many guys for her to "associate" with. Her favorite woman among The M-san Bunch happens to be OVA Urd, who loves men just as much as she does. Her always-increasing libido fuels a high amount of her magical powers, which was strong enough for her to join "Der Führer's Army".