Princess Molestia's face

PokeStuds; gotta r*pe 'em all!

Princess Molestia alternate mane color
Princess Molestia is a member of The Nega-Fergo Bunch. She likes to try to have s*x with every male pony she sees. She hates the regular Celestia. She has two different manes that change color. The colors are Celestia's hair color and a plain pink. She also wants to have s*x with Drew Pickles, but Nega Drew is a substitiute for her. Her next r*pe victim interest might be The Bis*xual Blastoise, since she has a f*tish for water Pokemon. But there's that male, bis*xual Charizard, who can lactate... So many choices for her... She also joined "Der Führer's Army", because The M-san Bunch has a mostly male army.