The wings of the Evil Goddess by suguro m

Evil Belldandy, also known as Devil Belldandy or Seductive Belldandy, is a member of the Nega-Fergo Bunch. She is a h*mophobic, heteros*xual clone of Belldandy who likes to flirt with men, drink wine, pole-dance at str*p-clubs, go shopping for shoes, and throw rocks at l*sbi*n women. She was created by adding Belldandy's DNA into a h*mophobic, heteros*xual woman. She hates the Fergo Bunch and she wants to kill the real Belldandy because she is a l*sbi*n. To distinguish herself from the real Belldandy, Evil Belldandy wears a revealing red latex catsuit as opposed to Belldandy's blue and white dress. She also fantasizes about having Drew Pickles' 300 mile long c*ck jammed up her c*nt, but that will never happen, since Drew Pickles is the g*yest man in the world and he doesn't like women at all. Currently, The M-san Bunch is willing to help her defeat the remaining Betty/Fergo Bunch members who won't quit the group. "One scratch on my members, and I can't have you be my ally nor mate!", "First Herr" told her while she became a major addition to his army. Her lactating bust is the biggest of The Nega-Fergo Bunch, which can reach an extremely massive 399.5 miles long! Not even Miss C measures up that far! A common running gag involving her is that she keeps trying to act just like OVA Belldandy around M-san, who always takes note of the not-so classy personality she, Evil Belldandy, has. However, she always ends up without getting pregnant. Great job, First Herr!